Always on employee morale tracking

Keep in touch with how your people are feeling, in real-time

Track The Vibe Of Your Team

Every week we prompt your people to check-in and rate how they’re feeling about work. We call it the Vibe. From this you get one, simple metric to measure sentiment in your own team and compare across your whole company.

Jobvibe Team Vibe Comparison
Jobvibe top factors

Uncover What’s Going Well And What Could Be Improved

So you know how people are feeling but what's driving it? Smart tagging means your people can give quick feedback on the factors that are impacting them the most.

Instant, Simple Reporting

See data updated as people respond on team dashboards. Zoom out to see a company overview or get summaries delivered to your inbox. All of our reports are simple and easy to understand.

Jobvibe reporting

It makes it easy for us to understand how each team’s getting on at any point in time. From there we can quickly fix what isn't working and celebrate what is.

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Implementing Jobvibe

Flexible team structures

Segment users and set permission levels to fit your organizational structure.

Smart user management

See who’s signed up, invite new team members, and manage existing ones from one interface.

Access on any device
Access Jobvibe from your browser with our web app or use native mobile Android and iOS apps. There’s no software to install on your desktop.
Guidance and training

In-app and email guidance takes your people through everything they need to know.

Automated reminders

Customizable notifications prompt users in the moment at the times that suit them.

We're here to help

Our team is always on hand to help you get the most out of Jobvibe.  

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