Creating High Performing, Highly Connected Teams


We believe everyone deserves to be part of a happy and high-performing team, and to make this happen we need to create working cultures that are open and transparent to build trust. Until now, employee engagement has been closed. Slow. And not in the hands of the people who can act on it to make real change. We created Jobvibe to help leaders to get the feedback they need.

To give them the tools to take a few moments in every week to stop, and listen to their team. And to help every member of every team to speak up, talk straight and say how they feel. So that together, they can use this feedback to start meaningful conversations, improve the way the team works and bring the best out in everyone who’s a part of it.

Jobvibe Team

  • Tim Mullen

    Tim Mullen


  • Robert Brender

    Robert Brender


  • Arthur Vashurin

    Arthur Vashurin


Advisory Board

  • John Winning

    John Winning

  • Katharina Kuehn

    Katharina Kuehn

  • Dax Lee

    Dax Lee