Product Update: A More Powerful Vibe And I’ll Fix It


You may have noticed in the last few weeks that we’ve made quite a few changes to the platform. A few tweaks here and there, that together, come right back to the reason we built Jobvibe in the first place.

When we started, we were frustrated with employee surveys that measured hundreds of metrics, most of them detached from the reality of day-to-day work and almost all of them irrelevant for creating any change for the better.

Our mantra here at Jobvibe is continuous improvement. We’re on a mission to build a tool that helps you improve the way your whole team works together on an ongoing basis.

The updates we’ve made recently are the first steps to making that process a lot easier, focused and more intuitive.

A More Powerful Vibe

To continuously improve the way your team is working together, you need to able to measure where you are. That’s where the Vibe comes in.

Over the last few weeks the Vibe has, well, got a new Vibe. There were some parts of the process that were a bit confusing so our first step was to make these a lot clearer.

We’ve changed the first question so that it’s focused on your week at work. We’ve also removed the ability to add open, free-text feedback as you go through the Vibe. Instead, you can now opt to ‘Suggest an improvement’ to Fix or ‘Share a team win’ to Buzz at the end of the Vibe, where you have more space to collect and share your thoughts with the team.


Our second step was to make the process of uncovering what the team needs to improve more focused.

Updated Question: Previously we asked the question, “What didn’t go so well?” each week. We’ve now updated this question to a much more explicit and helpful, “What could we improve?”.

New Factors: We used to have set list of factors to select from each week for all teams. We found sometimes these didn’t apply to every team or weren’t specific enough. By working with Jobvibe teams across industries and business types (thank you for your input!) we have built out a long list of factors that you can now customize.

Account Owners, you can select the factors that are most relevant for your company under your team profile. We’re working on making these customizable on a team-by-team basis and will keep you posted on progress.


I’ll Fix It

Many of you will know that to build a culture of continuous improvement, thoughts of “That’s not working” and “How could we do this better?” need to be always top-of-mind. Easier said than done. We’re adaptable, we work around obstacles, put up with frustrations, and miss out on the opportunity to make changes for the better.

Adding the ‘Suggest an improvement’ prompt at the end of the Vibe process is one of the changes we’ve made to help make this second nature. Anyone in the team can use this opportunity to raise a frustration or share a suggestion, however small the subject matter.

Continuous improvement also requires action and accountability. Without this, it becomes a lot of continuous, not so much improvement.

This is precisely why we have built the Own it feature in Fix.


It’s a way of putting your hand up and saying I’ll take responsibility for getting this done. Whether it’s changing where a report is filed or designing and setting up new cross-team mentoring system.

We believe this will help you bring out the best in your team by understanding and building on everyone’s strengths.

Team Profiles & Notifications

Beyond our work focused on team improvement, we’ve made a couple updates to help make the experience of using Jobvibe more intuitive and enjoyable.

Firstly, we’ve built a team profile page so you can see exactly who’s out there and who you’re talking to.



We’ve also done some work to make notifications more relevant to you, rather than telling you about absolutely everything that’s going on.

Remember: You can manage which notifications you do and don’t receive, and how you’d like to receive them under your Notifications Settings in the web application.

That’s all for now. We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes and what you’d like to see coming up. Post your comments below or drop us a line: hello@jobvibe.me

Tim Mullen

Tim is Co-Founder and Head of Customer Experience at Jobvibe. We help teams work better together. Jobvibe is a simple, smart mobile platform to gather real-time feedback from your team, openly discuss results and improve the way you work together.